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06:00am 06/06/2013
  this journal is friends only. if you aren't on my friends list and want to be, leave me a comment and i'll see what i can do.  
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for those interested...   
03:05pm 03/11/2004
mood: calm

here's the websites that have mp3's of the fury...heat.  looking through them, if i remember right the only one that's up that i'm on is "tessamarie".  but there's somewhere around a dozen songs or so.  so if you want them, here they are:

"shakey ground", "one red tear", "rage of fire"

"rise of the mysterions", "washed my hands in muddy water", "the tomb is empty (so are you)"

"the tomb is empty (so are you)", "strange days", "she for me", "tessamarie"

"heartbroke & angry", "to bury true love", "the skin of the fury"


04:03pm 02/11/2004
mood: calm
so not much has been going on lately. saturday at practice we wrote 2 new songs. we've decided that after the shows this weekend (friday in roanoke and saturday at ireson's) we're going to record another EP. this makes the third one since i joined the band like a month ago. but what we're going to do is press about 100 copies of each EP, then take select tracks off each one and make a full length. the full length is going to be done in a misfits legacy of brutality way. it's going to be like "well you have most of the new stuff, but you still don't have all of it...unless you have the EPs". but yeah, that's about what's been going on lately. went to see the punching judy reunion show friday. they played with monsters of japan. it rocked. i went dressed as an undertaker. oh yeah, i bought a used n64 for $20. i've only got one game for it right now, but that will change. me and jess went to olive garden last night to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. it wasn't too shabby. oh and i have (somewhat) purple hair right now. it's fading out really bad though. i'll have to dye it again. i still have 2/3 of the jar left, so i should be able to dye it like 2 more times. well time to go. later kids.
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